Tiziana La Melia

work     cv     email     instagram     bandcampTiziana La Melia is an artist and author born in Palermo (IT) and raised on an orchard-garden on Syilx/Okanagan territories. She works across many media such as painting, poetry, sculpture, collaboration, collage and drawing. In her writing and art practice Tiziana gleans the detritus of the everyday and transmutes it into material textures, and iterative shapes and symbols, which move through layers of diasporic time. Over the past few years, they have been editing a video that features friends and family performing the simple life in a fabled drama between hamsters and mice, travelling between the rural and the urban, while tracing familial and symbolic understandings of food, clothing, and place. Tiziana also made Kletic Kink released in October 2022 (with Ellis Sam), a poetry album with musical compositions. lettuce lettuce please go bad was published by Talon Books in April 2024. An upcoming solo show with Bad Water Gallery (Knoxsville, TN) is forthcoming in June 2024.